Do kids need to wear shoes?

This morning, my husband and I had an argument regarding kids and shoes.

Our 4 years old son keeps damaging all the shoes that we sent with him to preschool. My argument is that he doesn't really like to wear shoes and when he is at school, he simply doesn't tolerate them. He keeps damaging the back of his shoes because he simply doesn't put his shoes correctly. In fact, I believe that it's the back of the shoes that he dislikes the most. Of course, at his preschool, the teachers don't correct him or even ask him to put his shoes properly, so he keeps doing it all the time. At home, he doesn't wear shoes. He claims that he cannot run properly when he wears the shoes. I think that part of the reason that he has trouble wearing shoes at school is because we don't force him to wear shoes at home (in other words, it's our fault!).

So, I suggested my husband that we should try to be consistent with his preschool, and force my son to wear shoes at home. This way, we can have the chance to correct him when he doesn't put his shoes correctly. Of course, my husband is not happy with this idea. He claims that very few children wear shoes at home. Of course, I am aware that the idea that children should wear shoes at home (or anywhere) is very controversial. Personally, I am not completely in agreement with my own idea, or the need to wear shoes at home because I know that our primate ancestors were adapted to open habitats and had probably flat feet. I also know that more and more studies are showing that barefoot is significantly better for many activities, including walking and running. But, as a mother, I am concerned about the fact that my son has to wear shoes at preschool, and soon elementary school, and he doesn't know (or doesn't want to learn) to do properly.

 Am I overreacting? How can I help my son to wear his shoes properly? Are there shoes that are better suited for him? 

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