12 ways to live life fully

1. Focus on today and how you can do your best to live it to the fullest (live in the moment!).

2. Explore, live on the edge a little, and embrace new challenges.

3. Recognize daily the things you are grateful for.

4. Learn to detach from outcomes and don’t be too hard with yourself.

5. Set goals and move toward them in small reasonable steps.

6. Focus on good thoughts and good things will happen.

7. Laugh as much as you breathe.

8. Don’t overanalyze situations and just listen to your heart and soul.

9. Slow down: eat slower, drive slower, walk slower

10. Be honest with yourself and others, but especially with yourself.

11. Practice mindfulness, meditation or yoga 

12. Take the time to go outside and really observe and appreciate nature.

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