Amazing Piñatas for Birthday Parties

My husband is a dedicated father who takes birthday parties very seriously.  He always comes up with unique party themes and bigger and better ways to celebrate the birthdays of our children.  For my step-son who is now 12 years old, my husband selected themes such as dinosaurs, Captain Underpants, Pokemon, Harry Potter, Super Mario and the Legend of Zelda.  For our 4 years old, so far, the themes have been Toupie & Binou, Mickey Mouse & Friends, and Dr. Seuss. 

For each one of these parties, my husband made certain that relevant activities and decorations were prepared or organized for the parties.  This was not often an easy task because we wanted to stay within a certain budget.  An element that was always part of each one of these parties was the piñata.  Of course, finding the proper piñata for a given theme was challenging, forcing my husband to be creative.  Below are some of the amazing piñatas that my husband made for these parties. 

Majora Mask (Legend of Zelda Birthday Party)

Toupie  (Toupie & Binou Birthday Party)

Snorlax (Pokemon Birthday Party)

Kirby (Kirby Video Game Birthday Party)

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Marina Silva-Opps said...

We received a request of someone who wanted to have more information about the Kirby Pinata. If you are interested, in getting the instructions for any of these pinatas, please let us know.

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