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I spent the whole morning working on my personal (and indirectly family) finances: credit cards, budget, payments, savings, etc.  I am trying to consolidate some debts, so I can I make all my payments on time.  It’s not easy. The interest rate on balance transfers or consolidation of debts is usually high regardless of the card that I am using.  A few weeks ago, I was only using one credit card and had only debts with this card.  Suddenly, I have now debts with three major credit cards.  What happened, I don’t know? But, I was unable to sleep last night because of these credit card debts.

At this point, all the debts are relatively small, I think, summing about $6100.00.  Although it may sound a small amount, when I take into consideration my other debts (line of credit, student loan, personal loan, mortgages), it is really a lot. Our family needs a budget and a way to use our money better. We overspend every week in many different ways, including groceries, restaurants, books, treat for the kids, etc.  Groceries are a real issue for us. I think that we spend about $350-400 per week on groceries, and we are only 4 people (including 2 children). It’s true that we have one person among us who has celiac disease, but it is still too much money and way above what we can afford based on our financial situation. We waste so much food every week.  In addition, we have a freezer that is full of food that we don’t use well.  The food in the freezer gets bad or wasted because we don’t really use on time.  I need to find a solution for this.  

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