Lost Wedding Ring – Can it be found again?

Sunday would have been a great day if it wasn’t because my husband lost his wedding ring.  Although we are not 100% certain where he lost the ring, it is almost certain that it was at the little park that is located a few minutes away from our house.  When my husband saw his finger without the ring, he could not believe it. He became pale and was practically shaking.  He quickly checked all over his clothes and then went to the backyard where he had spent a few hours trying to put together the trampoline for the kids.  Finally, we all realized that the other possible place where the ring could be was the park.  Quickly, we all decided to go to the park (including our 4 years old who really wanted to help daddy) to search for the ring. But, the search was unsuccessful – no ring anywhere.  Of course, my husband called the police, but nothing. We have been suggested to call the local places that sell used jewelry and to even consider checking Kijiji or similar websites.  But, we know that it will not be easy to find the ring. My husband is so devastated because our rings are so unique. He designed them for our wedding.  

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