Casa del Sol - Our Oceanfront Summer House in Prince Edward Island

Yesterday, we spent part of the day at our cottage which is located here on Prince Edward Island, Canada.  We have named our cottage, Casa del Sol (House of the Sun) because we wanted to give it a Spanish touch. We bought the cottage last summer, and it’s a business or investment project for us.  So, we are not planning to use the cottage that much during the summer, but we hope to be able to use it late fall and in the winter.  Casa del Sol came to us all equipped because its previous owners also used as a vacation rental from July to August (high season here in southern Canada), and often in September.  We want to do the same, and hopefully even rent it a little bit more, perhaps 1-2 weeks in June.  Although it’s a beautiful cottage (see pictures) below, we really want our cottage to look special and unforgettable for our guests. Yesterday, my husband and I spent some time thinking about small changes that will improve the décor and the amenities offer to our guests.  Although we have many ideas, our budget is very limited this year. We will change pillows and bedding material.  We will also add a few more items to the kitchen, including a cappuccino machine. We are also adding new outdoor items.

Casa del Sol is practically rented or booked for the summer (still need to rent 2 weeks in July), but we need to rent it in September (one week in June would also be nice).  We are using Flipkey, VRBO and Cottage Country.  So, far VRBO and Flipkey have been useful, but have not got any rental via Cottage Country.  I love to have a family business, but it certainly represents more work for us. However, it's a different type of work that both my husband and I are enjoying very much (at least for now!). I love the vacation rental business.

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