A Radical Canada Day - According to David Suzuki

I like to share with you an interesting post that I received yesterday from the David Suzuki Foundation. It's entitled "Here's to a radical Canada".  

In this post, Dr. Suzuki invites us to reflect about Canada and the way that we would like Canada to be, especially when we think about the environment, health care system and other fundamental social issues.

"What kind of Canada do you want? Do you treasure our spectacular natural landscapes, clean water and air and abundant natural resources? Do you value our commitment to fairness, enlightened social programs, education and public health? Do you believe we should do all we can to protect the things that make this country great?"

In less than 48 hours, we will be celebrating Canada Day, and as Dr. Suzuki suggests in his post, it may be a great opportunity to meditate about our country, and the Canada that we want to give to future generations. This is a wonderful country, let's keep as it is!

Click here to read Dr. Suzuki's post.

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