Fun Sculpey characters - Kids activities

Our kids love to make sculpey characters. Sometimes, they let their imagination run and create characters that only exist in their heads while other times, they just get inspired by movies, games or books that they are reading. It's a perfect activity for a rainy day and even for birthday parties.

When we used sculpey for birthday parties, we just made certain that the activity was done near the beginning of the party, so we had enough time to bake the characters. Then, kids can take their sculpey characters with them as part of their loot bag. The one thing that you need to remember with sculpey and similar products is that baking time is based on your character dimensions. So, it's very important to follow the instructions regarding baking-time carefully to avoid overbaking or underbaking the sculpey characters.

As they get older, it is amazing the level of detail that kids can include in their creations. These pictures are some of the characters made by our 12 years old son. He has always been particularly inspired by Pokemon figures as well as characters from the Plants Vs Zombies game.

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