10 Habits of Unhappy People and Ways to Fix Them

Have you ever felt that something was missing in your life? Yes; but, who hasn't? 

Here, I propose you to read this very inspirational article about the habits of unhappy people. This article was published in one of my favorite websites, Tiny Buddha.

In this article, the author presents the 10 most common habits of unhappy people as well as ways to change these habits. I highly recommend you read the article; it is filled with excellent ideas. For instance, this is an extract of this article that I find particularly powerful:

  "I’d look at other people and wonder what they had that I didn’t. I was sick of living my life. And being sick of it was the tipping point that changed it all. It’s what got me moving in the direction of what made my heart sing....As I moved forward, I discovered that what was making me miserable wasn’t outside of me, but the habits I had built up over the years".

Habits of Unhappy People and Ways to Fix Them

Out of the 10 habits presented in the article, I was particularly attracted or interested in the 5 listed below. Why? I have to admit, these are some of my habits.
  • Seeking permission from others --> FIX: Don't look to someone else for validation; go after your dreams! 
  • Taking your thoughts seriously --> FIX: Experiment with taking your thinking less seriously for sixty seconds at a time. See what happens and how you feel.
  • Playing things safe --> FIX: Become aware of the fact that being outside of your comfort zone is simply believing a different set of thoughts. You can always listen to your heart, and take the next step.
  • Focusing on lack --> FIX: Notice your tendency to focus on the thoughts that tell you something is wrong. Rest your attention in the witness of those thoughts. You are not them. You can observe them, and breathe.
  • Neglecting your calling --> FIX: Let go of what you think your life should be, and let it become what it was meant to be. Live life one moment at a time. It’s all you can do anyway.

Are these some of your habits too? Click here to read this article.

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