20 Awesome Cheap Summer Activities for the Whole Family

This year, we decided that we will stay on Prince Edward Island for the entire summer. No big trips to Quebec, Ontario or anywhere else for us!

We recently adopted a beautiful Chocolate Labrador puppy, and both my husband and I felt that it was better for the dog if we stay near home during the adjustment period. The kids are fine with the idea, so we are all happy!

We live on a beautiful island that is visited by thousands of tourists during the summer. Prince Edward Island is located in Atlantic Canada. Thus, we figured that we should take advantage of our awesome location. After all, not because we decided to stay here, it means that we could not have fun. 

We have not finished yet, but have made a list of fun activities that we can do on the Island. They are all short-term and budget-friendly activities that can be done almost anywhere. Most activities can be done with the children, but others are for adults only.

1. Boat fishing

2. Petting zoo

3. Attend summer parades

4. Attend free outdoor family movies

5. Visit a farm

6. Socializing with the neighbours

7. Take advantage of special events organized by the city and/or local organizations

8.  Tour the local ice cream factory

9.  Arts and crafts

10.  Read books at the park

11.  Picnic at a local park or at the beach

12. Have coffee at a cafe

13. Have lunches or meals at unique places

14. Go for bike rides or hikes

15. Have a glass of wine on the deck at least 3 times per week

16. Drink the morning coffee on the deck

17. Go to the beach as often as possible

18. Go for long walks

19. Go camping

20. Go to the drive-in theatre

We did a couple of these activities today, and it was just wonderful. We took the afternoon off and had lunch at a restaurant that is surrounded by water and an amazing garden. It was just perfect. Below are some pictures.

Do you have other ideas for fun family summer activities?

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