3 Things to Know Before you Get a Puppy

"Ay Lola Lolita Lola" is a famous Spanish song that was popularized by one of the most famous Spanish singer, Lola Flores. Well, in this case, I will not be talking about Lola Flores or her song, but about the new addition to our family, Lola. She is a chocolate Labrador Retriever puppy that we have recently adopted. She was born in Quebec on Mother's day 2014 (my son keeps telling everybody this; I think he loves the idea that Lola was born on this particular day). Myself, I love the fact that we called her Lola (or Lola, Lolita Lola!).

Although Lola doesn't not necessarily appear too brown in this picture, she is actually a beautiful dark-brown little puppy. She is almost 9 weeks old and is already showing the temperament that characterizes Labrador Retrievers. She is very active, playful and also very kind with kids.

So far, it has been a wonderful experience to have Lola in our lives. It's so fun to watch her playing with her toys and whatever she can find on the floor or the backyard. Although we keep trying to hide from her our shoes and sandals, she seems to be particularly attracted to them. I have to admit that I am secretly enjoying seeing her trying to eat my sandals when I take her out! Lola is simply adorable, and we all feel, and already treat her as a family member.

What have we learned so far?
Although Lola is a wonderful little puppy, as expected, the last two weeks have been challenging for both my husband and I. Of course, we have done most of the caring of Lola, especially cleaning after her peep and poop accidents. 

Although only two weeks have already past, we have learned three important things regarding dog/puppy adoptions.  
  1. Prepare your House: Make certain that you and your house are prepared for this new family member. It is really like having a baby, your house and life have to be prepared for this new living thing. 
  2. Take time off from work: Adopting a puppy (or a dog) is a great responsibility and a lot of work. Both my husband and I took some days off from work to stay with Lola and make certain that she was fine and her basic needs were properly taken care. 
  3. Having a puppy/dog is a family affair: All family members should be in agreement about this new responsibility, including children. Although children would generally adore the idea of having a puppy or dog, I don't think that they completely understand all that is involved in taking care of an animal. We have already have some discussions with our 12-year old son who is still a little bit unhappy with the idea of carrying a dog poop baggy or taking the dog out when he would prefer reading a book. The more your child is involved in the care of your animal, the more he/she will learn about responsibility. 

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