6 Powerful Questions for a Life Review

Today, I got inspired by a newsletter that I read from one of my favorite motivational coaches, Cheryl Richardson. This particularly newsletter is entitled "Life Review: Inventory your Successes". 

It's the middle of July, so we are past the middle of the year 2014. Of course, the year is not over, but a good part of the year is now in the past. Thus, it is a good moment to take the time to reflect about the year, and the positive changes that we have made so far in our lives. Or, even better, it is perhaps the time to ask ourselves whether or not we have made any changes to make our lives better this year? 

If you have a few minutes today, take the time to think about the questions below:

1. What positive changes have you made to your life? to your environment?

2.  How are you taking better care of yourself? your body? your mind?

3.  What have you done to protect your sensitivity? to protect your personal time?

4.  Have you been able to disappoint people gracefully to honour your needs?

5.  How have you been a better parent, partner, spouse, friend or co-worker?

6.  How are you taking care of your finances or financial situation?

Now, write your answers in your personal journal, or create a file in your computer (called this file "Life Review" or "Personal Successes" or something similar). Myself, I will be taking sometime today to answer these questions. If you don't have too much today, work at least on one question.

Just think about it, it is July and there is still several months before the end of the year. So, there is still time to work on some the issues directly or indirectly suggested by these questions. 

After answering these questions, I suggest that you identify 1-2 small changes for each question, and make the commitment to work on them during the rest of the year. I am not an expert on this, but I know that if we start with small changes, it's always possible to succeed.

We need to remember that it's never too late to work on ways to improve our lives! START NOW!

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