Are you Getting what you Want in Life?

I love read articles from Time Magazine because they usually deal with "hot" or controversial topics. You know, those kind of topics that make you think about fundamental life issues. Well, I've just read one of those articles,  "How Can I get What I Want in Life". 

According to this article, there are two reasons why you haven’t done the stuff you ‘want’ to do in life:

1. You can't because of something external, 
2. You won't because of something internal

Which one is your reason?

Well, here is the interesting thing proposed by this article. It appears that successful people generally believe that their success is due to something internal (reason #2). However, those who fail always assume it’s not their fault (reason #1). 

In other words, this article suggests that if you are failing to get what you want in life, you probably think that is due to external reasons (reason #1).  

According to this article, if you believe that reason #1 is the cause of your failures, then "your ego is forever letting itself off the hook. You can’t learn from your experiences, except maybe that you shouldn’t have even tried, because – well – that big bad world was just super-mean to you again". Big statement, don't you think.

"We" are the Problem

Although is it true that sometimes we are involved in situations that we cannot control all the factors/variables, it is also possible that sometimes we just want to make excuses. Our failure to get what we want in life may be simply associated with our inability to take responsibility for our acts.

According to Dr.,"every choice you make — including the thoughts you think — has consequences. When you choose the behavior or thought, you choose the consequences"

The key of the problem is that if we are unwilling or unable to identify and consciously acknowledge are negative behaviours, characteristics or life patterns, then we cannot simply change them. The reality is that we cannot change what we don't acknowledge. 

Personally, I find that I often tell my children, students and even my husband that is crucial to assume the consequences of our actions. But, how often do I apply it to myself? 

Life is managed; it is not cured. It is up to us to learn to take charge of our life. "Whenever you hit a wall: find what you can do about it, do it, and forget anything else." And, don't forget to assume the consequences.

We are the drivers of our lives every single day!

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