A Simple Fitness Solution for Busy People

Although it’s true that I was never the type of woman who would exercise daily, I have always tried to do my best to exercise about 45-60 min at least 3-4 times weekly.  But, since I became a Mom, I really have had trouble finding time and energy to follow any kind of fitness program.

Well, you are probably thinking that this is not unusual.  It’s the story of most people who work full-time while trying to spend quality time with their family.  After all, there are only 24 hours in the day and sometimes it may be simply impossible to get a workout in when you’re busy with projects at work, dinner at home, and errands for the family.

Over the last 4-5 years...

Making room to exercise is in large part a mental decision.  If you’re motivated to workout, you’re more likely to find time in your schedule.  We have to admit, that even though a workout can be invigorating, fun, and even relaxing, inertia often keeps us from getting out the door in the first place.  The reality is that is ultimately far easier to sit in front of the TV than it is to get on our feet and challenge our bodies. 

Over the last few years, I have tried different types of fitness programs, including typical running programs (3-4 times weekly; a couple of short runs + 1 long run), weekly pre-organized fitness classes at the gym (spin workouts, boot camps, etc), and simple 30-45 minutes workouts at the gym. My attempts worked well for some weeks, but my usual challenges always caused me problems.  Then, I discovered the Beachbody Fitness programs.

My Experience with the Beachbody Fitness Programs
In January 2014, I was introduced to the Beachbody Fitness programs by a friend, Pam MacDonald, who is a beachbody coach.  I have to say that I was very reluctant to the idea of using a DVD-based fitness program for my main workouts.  I could really not see how it would work for me.  But, I needed so much to find a solution to achieve my fitness goals and be more regular with my workouts.  

I am so glad that I gave a chance to the Beachbody Fitness programs because they have been my salvation for the last 8 months.  At this point, it is important that I say that I don’t work for Beachbody, I am not a Beachbody coach, and I am not an associated or affiliated with this company.  I am just a simple user of their fitness programs and I am not financially attached to this company. 

These are the 3 main reasons why I think these programs are great for busy people like me: 

1.   Time flexibility – I can do them any time of day

2.   Short programs – All the programs that I have chosen to do are short (25-30 minutes long), so I can easily fit them within my busy schedule.

3.   Intense fitness programs – All the programs that I have purchased so far are intense, dynamic and diverse in terms of exercise types.

So far, my experience with Beachbody Fitness programs has included Tony Horton's P90X3 (I started with this one), Autumn Calabrese's 21 Day Fix
   and Shaun T's FOCUS T25

Each one of these programs is different, but they all offer options for beginners.  I you are a beginner or have not exercised for a long time, I suggest you start with Autumn Calabrese's 21 Day Fix

Based on my own experience and information provided with the programs, here is a little bit of information on these programs that you may find useful.
This fitness program focuses primarily on circuit, strengthening and toning exercises.  21 Day Fix
 consists of 7 different 30-minute workouts that are done for a three week period or 21 days.

All the workouts (e.g., total cardio, pilates fix, lower fix, upper fix, cardio fix, etc) are simple, so anyone at any fitness level can jump in.  I should mention that this program comes with a fantastic 10-minute fix for abs; it’s an amazing workout for the abs – you really need to try it!  An important point to mention regarding this 21 Day Fix
 is that there is usually enough recovering time between exercises, so it is a great program for beginners.

An element that makes this program different is that it comes with a very unique nutrition program which is based on the idea of portion control.  Now, I should say that all the Beachbody fitness programs that I have tried so far include a nutrition program, but the one included in 21 Day Fix21 Day Fix
is really unique.  This program uses containers to teach you an easy, fast, and accurate way to control how much you eat. So, rather than counting calories, you focus on your portions!

This program is built around the idea that working harder for a short period of time can yield incredible results. The workouts are only 25 minutes each, but they are packed with seriously intense cardio circuits. Contrary to the other two programs that I have tried, there are no breaks between exercises in Shaun T's FOCUS T25
and there is no need for any equipment to conduct 75-80% of the workouts.

I am currently doing this program and I love it!  The calorie burn is great, and the workouts are nonstop until the end.  The program has two phases (alpha & Beta), so it does get more difficult as you progress into month two. 

What I love about FOCUS T25
(1) time flies;
(2) it’s really, really intense;
(3) the moves are relatively simple (at least so far), but combined in such a way that they BURN;
(4) I usually start sweating within minutes of the workout. 

Tony Horton's P90X3

I started my experience with Beachbody Fitness programs with , and if I am still using these programs, I believe is because I really enjoyed all the P90X3 workouts.

This program includes 16 different 30-minutes workouts split into 4 groups: resistance, power, cardio and Core/Flexibility/Balance workouts.  There is Isometrix, Agility (my favoured cardio P90X3 workout), eccentric upper & lower, yoga, pilates, triometrics, and everything else that you can imagine – lots of variety; so you don’t get bored easily.  Most of the workouts are usually very intense with only a couple of short breaks during the whole workout.  Some workouts require some equipment (e.g., resistance bands, yoga mat) while others don’t need anything.

Although Tony Horton's P90X3 offers modified variations of most moves that allow you to ease into the program at your own pace, it is still an advanced fitness program.  So, if you decide you are not yet ready to tackle it, but you still want to get in great shape fast, I recommend you start with 21 Day Fix

Have you tried these programs?  What do you think?

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