Dads and Children's Birthday Parties

Kids' birthday parties do not have to be the domain of mothers exclusively. In our house, birthday parties are planned and executed by my husband, Sheldon. From invitations to games and activities to treats, the parties that Sheldon throws for our children are just incredible! 

My husband with the Cat in a Hat costume. Notice the amazing cake that Sheldon prepared for the party. It took a couple of days to prepare this cake which is completely edible and gluten free.

Pin the tail of the Cat in the Hat

When my husband organizes birthday parties, he is never afraid to to try new things. Sometimes, parents get stuck in the same old ruts as far as birthday parties are concerned. No, my husband!

Sheldon loves to think outside the box and always try to do something new. He really tries to focus on our children's perspective and personal interests. I find that maybe because he is still a kid at heart, my husband sees our children's perspective on birthday parties better than me. 

Last year, he organized a Dr. Seuss' party for our 4-year old son because he was really in love with The Cat in a Hat and Green Eggs and Ham books and TV shows. He thought about everything: cake, pinata, pin-the-tail, snacks, loot bags, decorations, etc.  

Even though our house is small, my husband always organizes the parties at home. Depending upon the age of the kids, he will use the whole house or specific areas of it. The backyard and often the basement are included in parties, so he can accommodate all planned activities (which are usually several!). Sheldon usually "over-programs" the event a little to make sure that there is enough to keep the kids engaged, even if knows that some kids may get tired quickly. 

Pinata of the fish from The Cat in the Hat -- Sheldon took a couple of days to make it and filled with all kind of toys and surprises for the kids.
While Moms might think they should be the ones organizing children's birthday parties, they should think again and realize dads have something positive and unique to add to the world of children's birthday parties if given a chance!

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