Preparing for Back to School - Lunches and Labels

In less than two weeks, children will be back to school. Our oldest son (Noah) is starting junior high while our youngest one (Elijah) is starting kindergarten. They are also both starting French immersion programs. So, they are both a little nervous since school is bringing big changes in their lives this year.

In preparation for the school year, we have started to work on a few things, including school lunches and labeling.

School Lunches

Mexican Muffins - Click Here for recipe
One of my goals for this school year is to add variety to the school lunches. I have started to accumulate a good number of recipes and ideas for lunches in my Pinterest Site. Our oldest son (Noah) has celiac disease, so I have to make certain that I include ideas for gluten free lunches. Of course, schools in Canada are generally peanut free, so can't include nuts in their lunches!

Although sandwiches can be healthy and interesting, they can also be boring. Our kids find them very boring, and I don't blame them. So, I am trying to find other type of foods that can be easily prepared and packed. I am also planning to prepare a family schedule, so our mornings are more efficient. 

Labels for the Stuff that Kids Lose

We know that things will get lost, so it is imperative that we LABEL EVERYTHING. So, I have already put my order for labels from Mabel's Labels.

If you are not familiar with this company, let me tell you that their labels are fantastic. They are waterproof, microwave safe, and can go through the dishwasher. The School combo package includes labels of various sizes and characteristics; so, they can work for all kind of items. Mabel's Labels also has more sophisticated labels with very unique designs for those who want to pay a little bit more. 

Myself, I decided to purchase the School Combo package because Mabel's is currently having a special sale for them. Shipping to Canada is free, so it's just perfect for us. I am planning to use these labels for everything, including backpacks, jackets, shoes, t-shirts, water bottle, sport & winter equipment, etc. I am hoping that this will reduce the number of lost items this year.

What are you doing to prepare for Back to School?


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