The Dot: A Fantastic Children's Book!

Recently, my son and I discovered Peter Reynolds's book, The Dot.    

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I bought the book at one of our local bookstores because its title attracted my attention. It's a wonderful story; a real gem..a must read. A fantastic children's book but with a great message for any age!

The story is simple, but so powerful. Vashti is young and insecure. Her art teacher gives her encouragement, “ Just make a mark and see where it takes you.” With a single dot on her paper, Vashti's teacher said, “Now sign it.” 

When Vashti comes back to her art class the week after, she was extremely surprised to see that her dot was hanging on the wall. Now, that was all the encouragement that Vashti needed to continue painting. She was not only inspired, but also started to build confidence on her skills.

The core message of The Dot is that a little bit of encouragement can make a big difference in someone's life. After seeing her dot on the wall, Vashti painted, and painted more and more dots of all kind of sizes and colours. This is very well illustrated in the book.   

Eventually Vashti’s success allows her to motivate another child to create his own art. Using the same method of inspiration used by her art teacher, Vasthi encourages a little boy who also thinks he can't draw. 

My son really got inspired with The Dot  and decided to paint his own dots. He loved so much the book that he requested the other two books of the series, "Ish" and "Sky Color". We have now read all three books and have really enjoyed each one of them.

Great books for kids; I strongly recommend them!  

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