First Day of Kindergarten

Today was one of the most important days in Elijah's life. He started kindergarten!

The time has passed so fast since Elijah was born. I remember so clearly all the details associated with my pregnancy and labour -- after all, I was 44 years old when my son was born. My pregnancy was generally fine with some minor problems during both 1st and 3rd trimesters. I was very nervous and in constant fear of losing him anytime. I tend to be very negative sometimes, and during my pregnancy I was constantly having negative thoughts. I was so scared of losing him and not having more chances to be a mother.

Regardless of all my worries, the 36 weeks that Elijah was in my belly were unforgettable. Elijah was born practically a month before his due time. He was a small baby (5 pounds and 6 ounces), but very healthy. It was so wonderful to have him in my arms and feel his warm body and soft skin. My life changed completely from the moment that Eli was born. My love for him is unconditional and without limits. As I always say to him, he is my present from God -- the greatest and most wonderful gift that I have ever received. 

Today, when I saw my little one going to school made my heart beat so fast. I know that Elijah was nervous and a little scared, but he is a strong boy who loves to have fun and to explore new things. For him, going to school means that he is now a big boy. For me, he will always remain my little baby...mon petit bébé! Although I am very happy for him, I also feel a little empty. My boy is growing so fast...

Elijah is starting a French immersion program, so it will be a little bit more challenging for him, but I am confident that he will do well. He is a smart little boy and he will have all our support. He loves to learn through games, and the kindergarten program here is game-based. So, I am really hoping that he will have fun at school while learning new things. I hope that his teacher will know how to engage and motivate him. I know that both my husband and I will always be there for him to love and support him. 

I love you Elijah; my present from God.

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