Stressful Starting of the School Year

I can't believe it, but I am finally able to find a few minutes to write a post. The last two weeks (i.e., since school started) have been crazy, chaotic and exhausting. Of course, I knew that we were not prepared for the start of the school year. But, I had no idea that we were so unprepared. No question about it; we really underestimated the situation!

In our defence, our challenges were very different than previous years.  For instance, we now have a puppy that needs to be taken out and be fed every morning when we are also trying to make certain that our boys are not late for school. Our youngest son has just started kindergarten while the oldest one is now in junior high. Our youngest one is very slow in the morning, and needs to be continually reminded that he needs to get dressed and that he cannot go to school without breakfast. 

 Although we are trying our best to be organized and efficient with our time, our list of tasks and responsibilities keeps getting longer and longer. For example, we did not count with the fact that our puppy will get sick just a day after school started. Obedience training classes are supposed to be one of the best things a person can do for a puppy or dog. According to most experts, training is the foundation for solving just about any problem that one may have with his/her dog.

 Unfortunately, obedience classes can also bring problems to puppies and dogs. Unless is a private obedience class, dogs or puppies may be put in close contact with dogs carrying a disease or parasites. In our case, it appears that Lola was infected with Bordetella also known as the canine kennel cough. In addition, it appears that Lola was also exposed to a dog infected with canine parvovirus. Lola was with diarrhea and cough for several days. Over a 4-days period, we probably gave Lola about 10-12 baths, with some of these baths occurring between 2:00 to 5:00 am.  Neither my husband and I slept much during the days that Lola was sick. Of course, we are now questioning whether or not we should continue taking Lola to the obedience class. Are these classes really worth it?

So far, our boys are doing well at school. They both seem to like their teachers and are happy to be in French immersion programs. Interestingly, they were both put in classes with very few of their friends. Initially, they were both disappointed and upset. But, they are both now fine with their classes because they have been able to make new friends. 

With respect to us, parents, we have not rested too much during the last 10 days. Neither my husband or I were completely prepared for the new academic year at the university, so we are both working on our lectures until late hours . We have not have much time to workout or read any book. I really miss the summer!

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