The Ballad of David Quammen -- A tribute to the Song of the Dodo

Science students can be very creative when given the chance. In two of my upper level courses, students have to read non-fiction science books dealing with topics discussed in class. For example, in my Macroecology & Biogeography course, students have to read the book The Song of the Dodo: Island Biogeography in an Age of Extinction by David Quammen.  

Students had to read the  book, lead discussions and organize activities for each chapter of the book. As a tribute to this book, two students who took the course during the winter 2014 wrote a song that they entitled "The Ballad of David Quammen". These two students, Garreth Ashley and Lucas Peters, were responsible for the last chapter of the book as well as the final discussion. They wrote the lyrics of this song and interpreted the song with the help of the whole class.

The whole class enjoyed reading the book and found that it was a much more enriching and interesting experience than reading a textbook. Click below to listen to the "Ballad of David Quammen".

Learning can be fun!

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