Trying to Survive a Chaotic Life or The Busy Life of a Family with Young Children

I started to write this post about three weeks ago, more exactly at the end of September. The topic of the blog was supposed to be "the chaotic and busy life of a family with small kids: Trying to survive" or something like that. It's now past the middle of October, and the post is not published, and it's far from being completed (although I am hoping that I will do this within the next 24 hours!!!). 

Why is this post not completed yet? The answer is simple: The situation in our house has been chaotic; we have been extremely busy and overwhelmed by work and family responsibilities since the beginning of September. Life has been so busy that neither my husband nor I have had too much time to relax, sleep or enjoy life during the last few weeks. It feels that we are always doing something that was supposed to be done the day, or week before. 

Are We Busier than Other Families?

I sometimes wonder if our way of living is "normal", or if you prefer, typical of families with small children. Or, it is just us who don't know how to organize ourselves efficiently. Of course, I know that families with children are always busy, but are we busier than other families? How do other families do to find time to relax and enjoy life without feeling rushed or under pressure by anything, and everything? 

Other times, I think that perhaps we are actually doing better than other families. After all, we generally make an effort to have dinners together. It's only occasionally that one of us misses a dinner. During dinners, we always take the time to say a prayer to thank God for all that we have received, including the challenging moments. We also take the time to share our thoughts and daily experiences. You know, I am talking about the usual questions: how was work today? What did you do at school today?, etc. My husband and I both help our children with school homework, and even give them extra activities to practice what they are learning at school.

After dinner, it is usually a different story. We don't usually have much time to relax because one of us has to walk the dog while the rest of the family is busy doing something else (e.g., homework, practicing a musical instrument, or folding cloths).

Sometimes, I wonder how families used to do during 30, 50 or 100 years ago. Were they as busy as we are today? Were kids involved in extra-curricular activities? I have the impression that the situation was very different in the past. I am not saying that kids and families were not busy, but I suspect that the situation was probably different... perhaps, a different type of "busyness". 

Regardless of the Chaos, there are Always Good Moments...

Having said this, I should also say that although our days are very chaotic, we have had chance to spend at least a few wonderful moments together since September. For instance, we were able to spend a couple of weekends at our cottage and went apple-picking a couple of times with friends. 

But, without any doubt of of the best moments of the fall so far happened 2 days ago. Our little boy, Elijah, ran at the Prince Edward Island Marathon Kids Spud Run.

Elijah was so excited about this race, and wanted so much to participate in it. He was always talking about it, and really wanted to do well, and be very "fast". 

Well, Elijah did fantastically well. He really surprised me and his father who accompanied him during the race (for security reasons kids 5 and younger needed to be accompanied by a parent).

Elijah was fast and never stopped during the race. He kept a consistent speed and finished among the first 10 runners!! He was so proud of himself and is already talking about next year's race.

It was a wonderful moment for the whole family, and we were all so proud of him.

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