An Angry Birds Birthday Party for Elijah

My son Elijah turned 5 years old last week, October 29th. My husband, Sheldon, organized a fantastic and exciting angry birthday party for him and nine of his friends (boys and girls). Sheldon worked for days on this party; I only ended providing him little help. He planned every single activity from the cake up to the pinata. 

First, let me show you some pictures of cake that Sheldon baked for the party. A gluten free cake nicely decorated with fondant icing and candies.

Both the slingshot and strap were completely edible. The slingshot was made with whole-grain brown rice krispies covered with brown fondant. The strap was made with ribbon candy. 

Here are some pictures of the decorations that we had on the table.  We used plates, glasses, napkins and all kind of angry bird decorations, including the balloons.

Although it was a cloudy and a little bit wet day, we organized one outdoor activity for the kids. Taking advantage of our tree house (built my husband few years ago), we organized a treasure hunt game for "pigs" and "birds". The kids didn't mind the weather, they were all running around trying to find the angry birds and other related items.

In the house, we had two pin-the-tail games as well as a balloon-slingshot game. Below you see the pin-the-tail on the pig, as well as the pin-the-tail on the egg.

My husband also made a pig pinata angry bird. The pinata was a big success. Unfortunately, we forgot to take a picture of it before the party, so all that I can show here is what happened to it after all the kids had their turns at hitting the pinata!

 It was a great party which my son and his friends enjoyed very much. 

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