Enjoy the Moment!

Last night, my husband, kids and I were all admiring and enjoying the picture above. A young seal was awaiting for the first blizzard of 2015 just in front of our cottage.  During winter, ice tends to form at the bottom of the staircase that leads to the beach and this young pup was using the space.

So far, the winter on our Island has been too warm and very little ice has formed on our coastal habitats. When this happens, seal pups tend to use any other solid surface that they can find, including ice on sand beaches. Clearly, this little pup is using the beach in our cottage until enough solid ice is formed on the water.

Although we did not see in person the seal pup, it made us very happy to know that this beautiful animal is using our cottage to survive and grow.  

Enjoy the moment little pup!

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