Uncluttering the Kitchen: A work in Progress

Our kitchen is super small. There is very little counter space, drawers are filled with all kind of things, and the space to storage food items is very limited. Small appliances and other items live on the counter top because there is no space inside the counters or anywhere else in the kitchen. Although we would love to renovate the kitchen, we know that we will not be able to do that very soon. 

While we wait for the day that we might be able to renovate the kitchen, we need to find a temporary solution because our kitchen is a real nightmare.  

De-Cluttering and Re-organizing

I found many good ideas with respect to decluttering and reorganizing the kitchen in the internet, especially at The Kitchnn. In the Kitchnn, there is a great series of articles about decluttering the kitchen, called "Kitchen Cure Spring 2010". I highly recommend these articles because they provide lots of tips to reorganize the kitchen, including ways to create more space in it. I am listing below some of their ideas regarding ways to create more space in the kitchen , but if you want to have more information, I strongly suggest you read the whole article

How To Create More Space in the Kitchen

  1. Look for unused wall space to hang shelves for additional storage.
  2. Mount a stainless steel bar with S-hooks to hang a spice rack and/or utensils.
  3. Mount a knife strip on the wall
  4. Even empty corners can be put to use; equip them with slim cabinetry that takes advantage of vertical space.
  5. Use wooden boxes to store things you don't use regularly that might otherwise gather dust or be in the way.
  6. Adjustable shelving can be customized to store taller items such as vases and jugs.
  7. A butcher-block surface does double-duty as a top for an island and a cutting board. Add shelving underneath.
  8. Use matching baskets to hold non-refrigerated produce such as garlic, onions and ginger.
  9. Put the kitchen table to use. Free up drawer space by keeping flatware in a caddy in the center of the table.
  10. Save counter space by mounting small appliances, like a microwave, coffeemaker, or toaster, under upper cabinets.

After reading this great article, I realize that in order to create more space in our kitchen, I first needed to get rid of all the things that we were not using, or that we will not be using in the near future. Among these things, there was the expired food.

I never realize how much space food can take in a kitchen. Based on the number of expired food items that were in my kitchen, it's clear that we buy too much food in our house.

Although some expired food items can be consumed (e.g., canned food), this was not the case for most of the items that we had in our kitchen. We had cans and boxes of dry food that were sometimes 4-5 years old. I even found baby food from the time that my son (now 5 years old) was about 1 year old (e.g., baby formula and food). Overall, I must have filled at least 7-8 bags with expired food. I was certainly very happy when I took all the bags out of the kitchen, and actually noticed a little bit more space on the counter tops. 

Of course, my job in the kitchen is not over. There are still some appliances and other related items that have to be moved somewhere else. But, for the moment, I am enjoying the pleasure of knowing that we don't have more expired food in our kitchen!

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