Uncluttering: Old Magazine Issues

If you read my previous post about "uncluttering my life", you know that one of my goals for the year 2015 is to de-clutter my house. Why? Well, there is not a single counter or flat surface in the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms or living room in my house that is not covered by objects of all kinds.

My strategy during the first weeks of January has been to get rid of the most obvious things. So, I started by getting rid of magazines. Although I knew that we have subscriptions to a couple of magazines, I never realized that we have accumulated that many issues. Between the living room and the washrooms, I counted over 100 old magazine issues that were not read or touched by anyone at home. I got rid of most of the old magazine issues and only kept the most recent ones. The feeling of satisfaction after seeing the blue bags filled with magazine issues was fantastic! I know that it's not over, but it was a good beginning!

What did I learn from this?

(1) If you have lots of magazine subscriptions, but only read these magazines once or a couple of times, you may want to consider cancel these subscriptions, so you're not wasting money or cluttering up your home.

(2) Be Selective -- tear out pages of inspiration or interest and put them immediately in 3-ring binders...one for recipes, one for workouts, etc.

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