Uncluttering our Lives: Getting Rid of 3 Items Daily

The idea of living a simplified and uncluttered life has finally reached our house! As many people say, uncluttering some kind of space can be an unexpectedly positive experience practically, emotionally and mentally. 

My husband and I have decided that we need to do something with all the clutter and disorder that we have in our house. There is not a single counter or flat surface in the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms or living room that is not covered by objects. Not only that, our furniture (tables, dressers, and even chairs) are often covered by objects. Flat surfaces in our house are covered by toys, games, old mail, pieces of paper, children artwork and small appliances that we have not touched or used in years. It's really terrible and very depressing. 

When you have a major cluttering problem in your life, many people suggest to discard or eliminate a certain number of items/things daily. Some people suggest to get rid of 1 article while others indicate 3, 5, or even more articles daily. It is difficult for me to conceive the idea that we can easily eliminate 5 articles daily for 365 days, especially because we have never done this before.  Furthermore, we are sentimentally or emotionally attached to many objects that we have in our house, making it very difficult for us to get rid of them. 

To be realistic, I believe that between my husband and I, we should be able to get rid of at least 3 articles daily, but I am not certain 5. If we are consistent and get rid of 3 articles daily for 365 days (i.e., one year), well by the beginning of the year 2016, we would have ~1100 less items/things in lives. Thus, a realistic GOAL for us should be to get rid of at least 3 articles daily.

Where to Start?

This is a pretty good question because there is not a single room in our house that doesn't need to be uncluttered.

One approach may be to prioritize rooms and identify the one that is in the worse situation. Using this approach, I would say that we should start with the kitchen.

Another approach may be to start with the room that is really bothering us and that we can't stand anymore. Using this approach, the room would be again the kitchen!

A final approach would be to use a random uncluttering process. Instead of identifying rooms that need work, we focus on identifying the objects/things that should be eliminated. The advantage of this approach is that all our rooms would eventually look a little bit better because they are cluttered. I realize that the kitchen is probably the room that needs more work, but it would be nice to have a less uncluttered master bedroom too!

Random Uncluttering Proccess

The plan is simple. Each day, we will get rid of 3 objects covering counters, furniture or any other flat surface in our house. At least for the moment, this will be the only rule that I will try to follow. Eventually, I may have to add other rules, but for the moment, I want to keep it simple. 

So, wish me luck!

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