A Wonderful Snow Day: Embracing Winter

If you live in a place where snowfall is a welcome event, then a winter storm might be something you wait all year. This is certainly the case in Prince Edward Island, Canada. 

Over the last seven days, we have had 3 winter storms. The last one (less than 24 hours ago) brought over 60 cm of snow accompanied by very strong winds. The whole city was paralyzed: no school, no work, no much going on. Now, you may think that this is actually not good, but the reality is that it is what we all wanted. Snow, snow and more snow!

It was a great opportunity to enjoy the day, relax and embrace winter. Staying in pajamas for most of the day, it was certainly essential! Having a late breakfast and watching movies during the day was certainly well appreciated.

Of course, we had to shovel snow (actually, my husband did practically all the shoveling!), but after the storm had passed the day was so beautiful. My husband had the chance to make a snowman and ice slides for our children.

It was a great day that we all enjoyed!

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