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In my previous post, I mentioned that I wanted to start journaling. Well, I did it...I have started my journal!

Contrary to my previous attempts, however, I have decided that this time, I will start an online journal instead of the traditional paper/notebook journal. Why? 

I realize that if I really wanted this "journaling" attempt to work, I had to face and accept the current realities of my life. In other words, I need to recognize that:

(1) I only have limited time to write,
(2) I need to have access to my journal whenever I go, or wherever I am (I may have a few free minutes here and there, why not to use them to write!)
(3) I type faster that I can write words!

Online Articles about Best Journaling Apps for the iPad

Since I didn't know much about online journal options, I decided to conduct a little search. Let me tell you that there is a lot of information about this issue in the web. Numerous websites provide very specific, and useful information regarding online journal options, especially apps for the iPad or iPhone. Many of these apps or software are free or relatively inexpensive.

These are some of the sites that I found the most useful, particularly for journal options that can be used with the iPad.

Journaling Apps for the iPad
Top 5 Free iPad Journals/Diaries

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list. There are plenty of websites and blogs discussing this issue, but these were those sites that I found useful and helped me make a decision.

My Choice: Day One app for iPad

I came to the conclusion that the most recommended option for someone who wants  to use the iPad for journaling is the app "Day One".

Have you ever heard about it? Well, I did not know much about Day One until a couple of days ago.

Although there are many other online journals or journaling apps that can be used with the iPad and other electronic devices, it is clear that the one with the best reputation is Day One. I am not certain if it is because it's a software/app that works for Mac devices, but Day One is the software that most people recommend for online journaling.

Here is a something that I read at the Sweet Setup that describes very well what most people seem to think about Day One:

"Day One exploits all the technological advantages you would expect in a digital journal: I can use my Mac, iPhone, or iPad to log pictures, notes, and locations. I can know what the weather was like that day, I can know where I was when I wrote that entry, I can know how many miles I walked at the time of the entry, and I can export my entire journal as a Plain Text file or PDF that will be readable 20 years from now."

After reading this, of course, I was convinced that Day One was what I needed. 
My iPad will be my main device for journaling in my case, so I made the decision to purchase Day One. The app for the iPad is not very expensive, and it's really easy to use. 

Let's see what happens now with my journal!

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