Dory Fantasmagory: A Hilarious Children Book

My son and I recently read "Dory Fantasmagory" by  Abby Hanlon. What hilarious, original and fantastically engaging book! My son and I could not stop laughing; it was really a fun book to read. 

The book is about Dory who is the youngest in her family. Her siblings (Luke and Violet) don't want to play with her because they say she's a baby.
To combat her older siblings’ refusal to play with her, Dory Fantasmagory has created all kind of imaginary friends, more precisely monsters. For instance, there is a monster friend, Mary, who sleeps under her bed.  Mary is Dory's really, really good friend because she wants to play with her. She always appreciates Dory's incessant questions, like "What is the opposite of a sandwich". There are also other monsters in Dory's house, including "the toilet monster" (who comes into the bathroom if you sit on the toilet for too long) and "the ketchup monster" (who makes weird noises when you squeeze the ketchup). 

Dory’s pestering leads Luke and Violet to tell her that 507-year-old Mrs. Gobble Gracker, “who robs baby girls,” is looking for her. This sets Dory’s imagination spinning, leading to the appearance of the vampiric Mrs. Gobble Gracker and the gnomelike Mr. Nuggy, who introduces himself as her fairy godmother. Thanks to her incredible imagination, Dory Fantasmagory has a lot of fun with all her imaginary friends. Reality and fantasy combine perfectly well in this hilariously book. There are also sweet lessons along the way about being part of a loving family.

Although this book is recommended for young readers (6-8 years old), it is also great for younger kids. The book includes loosely scrawled illustrations and speech balloons that will attract the attention of young kids.  Hand-lettering is an enormous part of the story’s humour, channeling Dory’s energy and emotions as emphatically as the narration. Great book!

I highly recommend Dory Fantasmagory.

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