Finding Time for Blogging

I can't find time do all that I want, including blogging!

Many things have happened in my life since the last time that I wrote a post in my blog. For example, I turned 50 years old in March, we went to Europe (Italy, Spain and France) in May, I received a teaching award in April. School is over for our kids...Oh! did I say that I have just started a 6-month sabbatical leave?

I don't know if it is just a question of procrastination, too much work / responsibilities or just a question of daily survival. Let's face it, there is always something to do related to work, family, the house, the dog or our cottage. We are always so tired and are completely overwhelmed by our responsibilities and our long "to-do list". There is generally no time for anything else or very little time for ourselves. Most people face this problem, and many are capable to find time to live a balanced life. Unfortunately, this is not my case.

Honestly, some days I feel that all that we (my husband and I) do is to survive the daily demands that life imposes to our lives. Other days, I wonder if it is really life that is doing this to us, or if is it us imposing these daily demands on ourselves? Many days, we just don't care much because we are simply too tired to think about solutions.

The issue is that I know that there is so much to learn and to do in life. Finding time to live life to the fullest, to try different things and to enjoy every second of the day is so difficult, but it's so essential. I need to work on this.

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