A New School Year: Engaging Children in The Learning Process

Today was the first day of school for my son; he is in grade 1!

Although he was excited about starting the new school year, he was also nervous about the idea of having a new teacher. In fact, he was particularly concerned by the fact that his new teacher would found out that he had forgotten most of the French that he learned last year in kindergarten. We told him not to worry about the issue because teachers know that kids don't necessarily "review or study" much during the summer. 

Elijah was very happy when his teacher decided to spend some time reviewing some of the material that they learned last year. Elijah also told us that he was very excited when he realized that actually he knew his letters, numbers and some of the basic questions/words ALL in FRENCH! Yes, he knew more French that he actually really thought...c'├ętait fantastic!

Most of his close friends were in another class, so he was a little bit disappointed by this, but not completely sad. There were two boys who he knows really well. But, the most interesting thing is that he actually understood that knowing only a couple of boys in his class had some advantages. To put it in his words: "Mommy, this will force me to make new friends. Knowing how to make new friends will help me one day when I will be older".

Elijah seems to like his new teacher. He also knows most of the girls in his class, especially one of them who has been his friends forever. 

Overall, it was a great first day of school for my son. Now, I hope that the rest of the year will be as good as, or even better than today. You see, I am one of those people who believe that young children like my son learn from everything they do. If given the opportunity, kids of my son's age want to explore, question and discover - they are naturally curious. If their explorations bring pleasure or success, they will want to learn more and more.

 So, I believe that children who receive the right sort of support and encouragement during their first years in the school system, they will be creative and adventurous learners throughout their whole lives. Thus, I am hoping that during this new school year, my son will receive the support that will allow him to remain engaged in the learning process. 

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