A Weekend with My Present from God, My Son!

I have just spent a wonderful weekend with my son, Elijah. My husband was out of town for a triathlon competition and my stepson was with his Mom. So, it was just my son, myself and our dog.

It was a great opportunity to reconnect with Elijah and really focus on him and our mother-son bond. My husband is an amazing father who is very present in the life of his children. Thus, I feel sometimes that I have to compete with him for my son's attention. The boys adore their father and love to play and have fun with him. Don't get me wrong, I love my husband, but I have to admit that when he leaves town (even though it's just for 1 day), I always see it as an opportunity to spend a very special time with my son.

On Saturday afternoon, my original idea was to take Elijah to the movies. Although he was interested in movies, he did not want to go to the cinema. So, I proposed him to watch a movie at home.

I love the Internet and all the new services that it offers to rent movies from the comfort of your living room. So, I made popcorn and I rented the movie Paddington. Great movie for a Saturday afternoon at home! He liked so much the movie that he asked me to read him the book "The Paddington Treasury: Six Classic Bedtime Stories" (by Michael Bond) for his bedtime story. Although we have already read this book a couple of times, Elijah wanted to hear more about Paddington and its adventures in London. 

On Sunday morning, we took our dog, Lola, to the park. It was a quiet morning and the park was empty. So, we had the park just for the three of us. 

Elijah and I had an amazing time watching Lola trying to climb the slides in the playground area. As usual, Lola was trying to chase crows which generally don't care much about her presence. Elijah really loves our dog and she seems to enjoy his company too. It's clear that a strong bond is developing between the two of them, and I am very happy for that. I still remember when Elijah was completely scared of dogs regardless of their size. Since we have Lola things have completely changed. Elijah is very comfortable with dogs and also other animals.

We also took the time to read books, play with some if Elijah's toys and bake cookies. We baked 24 delicious chocolate chip cookies! 

Elijah loves to ask me the question, "How much do you love me Mommy"? Of course, he had to ask me this question Saturday night just before falling sleep.

I responded with my usual answer: "I love you more than anything in this world. My love for you is bigger than this world, this galaxy or this universe. I love you more than anything possible and impossible ... because you are my Present from God"

I had a wonderful weekend with my son. I am extremely lucky to have him in my life.

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