Audiobooks Are Better When Narrated by the Authors

A few months ago, I wrote a couple o posts (How to make time to read a book? and Best audiobooks for your next big trip...) about audiobooks. Overall, my main point of these posts was that audiobooks are an excellent solution for people who want to read a book but are too busy to read books. Or, people who are too tired and cannot find time at the end of the day to read an ebook or a paper version of a book. 

The best thing regarding audiobooks is that while you are listening, you can be doing something else! For instance, I can "read" my audiobooks while I walking my dog, doing the groceries or any other shopping, or simply while I am driving (rather than listen to the radio). Another practical aspect of audiobooks is that you can use your laptop, IPhone (or similar device), computer, etc -- and your devices can be synchronized, so you always know where you stop.

But, there is one key issue that I have discovered regarding audiobooks: an audiobook is only as good as the quality of the narration. Even the best writing can fall flat if the narrator is unable to do justice to the words. After the listening of several audiobooks, I found that when books are narrated by their original authors, the "reading experience" with audiobooks is superior.

Here are the best 4 audiobooks that I have listened over the last two months. They are all narrated by the authors. 

If you are really interested in using audiobooks, a suggestion that I can make to you is to consider becoming a member of Audible Audiobooks.

For $14.95 per month, you become a member of which is Amazon's audiobook marketplace. You are allowed to purchase audiobooks using audiobook credits. In addition, you also get information about daily deals and special discounts that are only available to members. 

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