Star Wars Birthday Party - Ideas for a Home Party

My son is turning 6-year old this week, so we had his birthday party last Sunday.

As usual, my husband took charge of the party's organization. This year, my son wanted to have a Star Wars birthday party. So, my husband organized the perfect Star Wars party for him. By the way, if you ever need ideas for a birthday party, you definitely need to talk with my husband - he loves to organize birthday parties and can come with the most amazing ideas. 

Here is my husband's take on the perfect Star Wars Birthday Party for a 6-year old boy. As you will see, the party included classic elements that are essential for a successful birthday party, including a pin-the-tail activity, piñata, scavenger hunt, decor items and a cake among other things.

Ten kids (boys & girls) were invited to the party. We had both outdoor and indoor activities.

(1) Scavenger search outside - Kids were divided into two teams (dark side of the force vs "good" side of the force)  and were given a list of items/characters to find. 

My husband wore a Darth Maul's outfit that all children loved very much.

(2) Death Star Piñata - This pinata was just incredible. My husband painted each one of the yellow and black points that you see on the pinata. It took him days to make this piñata.

(3) Pin-the-arm to C-3PO. A Star Wars birthday party cannot be completed if you don't include in it C-3PO. Instead of pinning the tail, kids pinned the left arm of C-3PO. My husband drew, painted and laminated this image of C-3PO.

(4) R2D2 birthday cake. My husband baked a gluten free R2D2 cake. The cake was completely edible, including the decorations and the arms. The arms were made with rice crispy and licorice candy.

(5) Party invitations & Decorations - The house was decorated with Star Wars decors that included balloons and other items. 

The party was a real success. A birthday party is always a special moment for the children and the parents. I am certain that all the children who attended my son's party had a lot of fun. My husband did an amazing job. Thank you for your work, Love!

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