The Death of Conversation: 21 Ways that Smartphones are Impacting our Lives

Yesterday, someone asked me, so how much do you love your smartphone?

I wasn't certain if it was a serious question, or if the person asking me this question was just trying to make a joke regarding the current aspect of my smartphone (screen is completely cracked - but, I am not planning to replace it until am really unable to use it!). 

Unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to answer the question because someone else interrupted our "human-to-human conversation"; we were not texting ... we are actually talking!

But, then, I started to think about smartphones, conversations and how much things have changed over the last decades. Many people now use the expression "death of conversation" when referring to all the ways that the use of smartphone has transformed our lives. Smartphones and texting have taken over the classical way of conversation. Most people don't like to talk anymore. Texting and sending emails are the preferred ways of conversation for most people. I guess, technology is supposed to connect us, but it's really doing it? 

Here are some illustrations that describe the ways that smartphones and technology are impacting our lives. 

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