Christmas Concerts: For The Pleasure of Children and Parents too!

Today, we attended Elijah's Christmas concert - what a wonderful and special moment! 

The concert was scheduled to start at 1:00 pm, so I thought that by showing up at 12:30 pm, I would be able to get good places for us. Naive me! When I got there at 12:30 pm, the place was half filled with parents, grandparents and other relatives who were as excited as the children to be part of this special moment. Although I was a little disappointed with my location, I was not only happy to be there, but particularly  amazed to see how most parents always make the time to be present at their Christmas concerts. 

As the children were arriving at the scene, the excitement really filled the room. Parents started to take pictures and/or to wave to their children -- It is always so important to make certain that your child knows that you are there for him or her! So, you need to be visible...your son or daughter needs to know that you are there for him or her.

All the children in Elijah's class were dressed as penguins - very cute little penguins ready to save Christmas. One of the most important parts of the concert was the play, "How the penguins saved Christmas". Elijah was one of the talking penguins, so he had to say some words - he was very excited and proud to be chosen for that. Even though  he only said a few words, he really felt special. I guess, it doesn't take much to please a 6 year old boy!

All the children in Elijah's class also had to perform two songs, including one in French, "Vive le Vent" -- I love this song (see video of the performance below). They also participated in a couple of other songs with all the grade 1 students from the school. All the children were so happy and eager to sing and perform in front of their parents and relatives. 

I love school Christmas concerts. Children and teachers always work so hard to create such an unforgettable moment for parents and children. It's always a delight to see your child singing or dancing on stage - A wonderful moment for all parents.

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