The Little Engine That Could

The Little Engine That Could is a classic story for children.  " I think I can, I think I can " - A powerful and inspirational sentence that dominates this book - inspiring children. If you want to develop the self-esteem of your child, consider reading to him/her this book.

The story of The Little Engine That Could is cute and engaging. A train filled with toys and food for children needs to get to the other side of the mountain. Unfortunately, the train gets stuck at the bottom of a mountain.

The toys see a shiny giant train coming and ask for help. But that train pompously refuses and says that "he’s done his work for the day". They ask another train for help, but this other one also refuses. They ask a very old engine next, but he literally could not help.

A very little engine came next. This little engine believed in itself and with great effort helped the train to reach the other side of the mountain. Everyone gave up on the toys but not that little blue engine that could because it persisted, and believed in itself.

So, The Little Engine That Could aims to deliver a message to help teach children and adults to overcome adversaries and believe in themselves - An important message that needs to be heard by all children, and adults too! 

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