The Meaning of Life is to Find Your Gift - Pablo Picasso

Have you ever heard the saying: "Everyone has a unique gift"? Have you ever wondered if this saying is true? Have you found your unique gift yet? 

I don't know you, but I am not even certain what is a gift? Is it a talent or something that I have? Is it something spiritual? I am not sure. 

Perhaps, my problem is that I don't know that I have a "gift". Or, I have not realized yet what is my unique gift. I am thinking that a resolution for me this year should be to find my unique gift.

Whatever is that special gift or talent, I need to make certain that I am sharing it with my loved ones.

Do You Know What is Your Special Gift?

You Are Spirit, You Are Love

This is a beautiful, positive affirmation  that I found in the book Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder; a book that I am currently reading.

Hopefully, it can inspire you too. Remember, you are spirit, you are love!

Cousins Bonding Moments

Life gives us brief moments with another, but sometimes in those brief moments, we get memories that last for our whole life.

One of the best things of spending Christmas in Montreal was that my 6-year old son, Elijah, had the chance to bond with his cousins. You see, we live in a different province and Elijah doesn't really see his cousins very often. 

Although many of Elijah's cousins are older than him, they were all happy to spend time with him. Now, Elijah knows that he has a big family in Montreal who loves him very much.

There were many precious cousins bonding moments that we all are still remembering. 

It's Easy to Miss the Real Point of Our Lives, Until We're No Longer Alive

Recently, I started to read the book, Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder by Arianne Huffington. 

I have only read the first chapters of the book, but the ideas presented in this book are already forcing me to re-evaluate the way that I am living my life.

For those who don't know Arianna Huffington, she is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post. In this particular book, she discussed the topic of success from many different points of views using examples and experiences from different people.

What I like so far of the book is that Huffington is really forcing me to evaluate my whole personal idea of success. Am I a successful person? What does success mean to me?

As I said, I have just started to read the book. But, so far, my readings are really pushing me to think about success, family, work and the fact that we only have one life to live!

What does success really mean to you? Are you really prepared to make all the sacrifices that you are making so far to achieve success?

It's Never Too Late To Talk about A Wonderful Christmas

Since I moved to Prince Edward Island (almost 20 years ago), I had only spent one Christmas in Montreal. I used to live in Montreal and many of my relatives still live there. Regretfully, I had never made the effort to spend Christmas in Montreal over the last 17 or 18 years.

But, this year was different. We (my husband, my son and I) made the decision to spend Christmas in Montreal with my mother, siblings and their families, cousins and other close friends. 

It was a very exciting time because my husband and son had never spent Christmas with my whole family - so, it was the first time that they would experience my family's Christmas traditions. 

Going to Montreal for Christmas is not always as simple as it sounds. Travelling during winter time in Canada is never easy, especially if you have to do this with a small child and a dog. Acceptable weather conditions combined with the skills of an excellent driver (my husband!) worked in our favour. We were able to get to Montreal just after supper time.

I honestly believe that for my family no other event is quite as magical as Christmas Eve 
- It's really the most special night of the year. As my younger brother said it, Christmas Eve is the night of the miracles. 

It's amazing how when you have a large family, Christmas can be beautifully loud and busy. Adults and children talking at the same time, dancing or trying to help organize the gifts around the Christmas tree. 

The best of Christmas for us is waiting till midnight on Christmas Eve to wish "Merry Christmas" to each person who is attending the celebration - purely special - a moment when we easily forget all our differences and problems and are just immensely happy to be there together.

Christmas Eve provided us with an opportunity to laugh about all kind of simple things and to remember those who we still love, but are not with us anymore. 

It is often said that describing an emotion is not the same as experiencing it. That is how I feel about Christmas. Although I have described many times to my husband and my son how my family celebrates Christmas, it wasn't the same as to experience it - now, they know it.

I feel extremely fortunate to have had the chance to spend Christmas with so many loving and wonderful people - A Christmas that I will never forget!


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