Honesty: Always Choose the High Road!

I suppose that one of the fundamental traits that a person could have is to be honest even when facing difficult situations. But, as it is often said, "honesty has a power that very few people can handle".

Many people claim that they only want to hear the truth, regardless how difficult or hard it may be. But, the reality is that we are not always prepared to hear the truth. We don't always welcome honesty in our lives. Just as an example, ask yourself how many times have you avoided saying the truth to friends, co-workers or loved ones over the last couple of weeks? If you are really honest, your answer is possibly greater than zero!

Why is it so hard to be honest? 

I have always claimed that I am an honest person who prefers to say and hear the truth all the time - Anyway, I am always saying this to my son. But, I am not being totally honest with him. Like most people, I don't always say the truth because I don't want to hurt people's feelings, create myself problems or cause pain to my loved ones.

There are numerous situations that will quickly test our decision to be completely honest. The pattern seems to start when we are children and we want to avoid punishment. Fear gets the better of us and we say something in an effort to avoid the consequences of whatever it was that we did. If it works in our favour, then we just saw evidence that lying is less painful and requires less courage than honesty. 

Yes, to be honest, you need to be courageous. Honesty requires courage because it makes us vulnerable and accountable. Another key element is that to avoid stepping on the feelings of others with our honesty also requires tact. 

So, the reality is that being truly honest involves more than just telling the truth in every situation. Honesty requires courage and integrity - A deep desire to live by a higher standard. To put it in my husband words - you always need to choose to the high road.

Always choose the high road, if you want to be honest!

Now that I am 50 years old (actually, almost 51 years old!), I feel that I should always walk away from anything that impedes me to be honest. Ok., 
I am not saying that I want to be perfect 100% of the time. I am just saying that want to be honest 100% of the time and always choose the high road.

What about you, do you always choose the high road?

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