Dreams Can Inspire You, But Goals Can Change Your Life

Everyone escapes reality in some way. A good book, or writing one...drawing, thinking...even just looking at random websites and wasting hours on the internet.

When I was young, I tended to use dreaming as my escape from reality - my evasion from my daily frustrations. I believe that life would be too boring and difficult to go through without dreams. Dreams open all kind of possibilities and opportunities for us. Dreams are an amazing way to forget temporarily about our problems.

For many years, I used to dream of a life where I was happy, respected and loved by everybody. In my dreams, my life included people that I knew and people that I did not know. The key thing was that in my imaginary world, I was able to control my actions and those of others. 

Although my dreams helped me pass through difficult periods of my life, they were just dreams. The actions in my dreams did not have real consequences or ramifications in my life...unless, I transformed them into goals!

Dreams are wonderful because they are easy and free. But, a dream will continue to stay a dream until it is not transformed into an action. Dreams can be very inspirational and if we metamorphose them into goals, they can change our life.

“Dreams can inspire you, but goals can change your life.”

More than ever before, I have become fully aware that we need goals to make the visions of our dreams real. 
Goals are all about action. Goals can turn dreams into reality and more importantly, they can change our life.

To transform a dream into a reachable goal we must clarify it, provide the details, make it so clear that we see it, feel it, know what we will feel like when we get there. 

The Only Way to Live the Life of Dreams is By Setting Goals!

And you, do you have dreams or do you have just goals?

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