Is there a Workout Type that Suits best your Personality?

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Recently, I read an article posted on HuffPost Healthy Living regarding workouts and personality types. 
According to this article, how you behave in your everyday life can play a significant role in your workout routine. 

In other words, in this article, it is suggested that research has shown that our personalities and even our moods can dictate the type of workouts we like. For example, sociable people may prefer group fitness classes, shy or introverts tend to workout alone while tired/anxious individuals select activities such as yoga or tai chi.

The basic idea presented by the author of the article is that people who engage in personality- appropriate activities will stick with the activities longer and enjoy their workout more. Of course, all this can result in an overall positive fitness experience. 

If you are interested in exploring this idea and want to find your personality-workout profile, I suggest you check the resources below. 

1. Gavin's Fitness Personality profile - Developed by Dr. James Gavin, Professor at Concordia University (Montreal, Canada)

Don't forget to let me know what you think about this idea.

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