The Happiness of the Other Person is Your Happiness Too

We all know that love is complicated, imperfect, frustrating, chaotic and many other similar words. Let's face it, love is like swimming in turbulent's hard to stay afloat. But, during all the moments that it is on the surface - love can be majestic!

I really like Maraboli's quote because it defines love in words that we often tend to forget. I always have the impression that when we think about love, we focus on ourselves and our does the other person make us feel? But, love should be more than just "how we feel".

Maraboli's quote forces us to think about the other person, and what we bring to him/her's life. An obvious and also controversial issue that comes to my mind when thinking about this is the idea of accepting the other person for what he/she is. It sounds simple, but it's so, so difficult to accept others, including our partners, as they are. 

If you love someone don't try to change him/her. Instead, you should help the person to be the greatest version of him-/herself. 

I believe that the key issue that needs to be recognized in this idea is that helping someone to be the greatest version of him-/herself doesn't necessary mean that you have to completely sacrifice yourself for this person. It just means that you should be willing to help the person to fulfill his/her dreams and goals. Let the other person grow and be him-/herself.

Because when you love someone, the happiness of the other person is your happiness too.

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