Never give up - It's never over until it's over!

My 7-years old son, Elijah, plays competitive tennis. His hero is Rafael (Rafa) Nadal.

Elijah is passionate about tennis and would love to play tennis each day of his life...I know that he is only 7, but it's is fascinating to see a young kid expressing so much passion for a sport.

I love the energy and intensity that Elijah shows when playing tennis, and in many ways, I understand why Nadal is his hero. If you follow tennis, you probably know that Rafa Nadal is intense, passionate and most of all, a real fighter - He never gives up.

When my son Elijah plays matches, he continually repeats himself a sentence that helps him to be mentally present and remain positive even when he is losing a match:
 "It's never over, until is over"

 I find it this sentence very powerful and I try to use for many things in life. I am sharing it with you now... try it!
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