3 tips to become the HERO of your own STORIES and CHANGE your LIFE

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I was reading a post that emphasizes the importance of making sure that the stories we tell ourselves are helpful and motivating. In order for us to live our most fulfilled, happiest lives, we need to tell us engaging, motivating and strong stories. The key point is that we need to be the HERO or the MAIN CHARACTER of these stories.

There is no doubt that 
some stories can be motivating while others can be demoralizing. Just think about some of these stories that we tell our children to encourage them to do or achieve something that they find challenging or scarring. Or, the stories that we hear sometimes about people who are hurt, suffering or being abused.

For our kids and those we love, we make a special effort to tell powerful stories with solid arguments, so they feel unique, special or like heroes. 

Clearly, we know that our words could help, but especially have a positive influence on our loved ones. Unfortunately, we frequently forget that the stories we tell ourselves are the most powerful stories of all. The constant repetition of demoralizing stories or negative words that sometimes invade our heads could have devastating effects on our lives, and our ability to achieve happiness. I am not sure why we don't see it clearly, but we will never tell our loved ones the stories that we tell ourselves.


We all know that words can bring someone down pretty quickly. The question is why knowing this, we don't hesitate in telling ourselves discouraging stories. We all have the power to change this - We need to change the stories that we tell ourselves.

Allow yourself to dream big and have big plans - in other words, become the hero of your own stories. This doesn't mean that you cannot look at your life objectively. It just means that you need to find the aspects of your stories that you have the power of changing. You may realize that we can actually change the ending of many of our stories - we can have more happy endings!


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Numerous studies have demonstrated that we can activate our brains better if we listen to stories instead of simply visualizing facts.

As an academic, I know that if I want my students to remember something, I need to create a story using the facts. Why? Our brain is wired like that - we tell stories to ourselves continually

The only problem is that we often, tell ourselves the wrong stories! Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways that we have to change our lives because our brains our wired for this. 

Three TIPS

1. If you want to change your life, tell yourself POSITIVE and MOTIVATING STORIES and dream big - achieve your goals in your stories

2. Be persuasive and become the HERO of your own stories. 

3. You have complete control over the stories that you tell yourself. Your brain is wired to LISTEN and BELIEVE to any motivating story that you tell yourself. 

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