My tips to deal with the Laundry

In our house, it takes days to get the laundry done. For some reason, I have never been particularly organized when dealing with laundry issues. For instance, I usually wait until the weekend to do the laundry and spend part of my Sunday afternoon (or evening) folding drives me crazy!

Often, the unfolded clothes would stay, all wrinkled, in the laundry baskets for days. My biggest challenge is without any doubt the folding part of the job. Other times, I leave the clothes in the washer machine and forget to transfer the wet clothes to the dryer.  When I finally remember to transfer the clothes, it is often too late...I ended re-washing the load. 

Why do I find myself in this situation? 

I often have to deal/do other things during the weekend, including shopping, family/children activities and, of course, work-related responsibilities. It takes days to get the laundry done. Then, when you think that is done, you realize that the laundry baskets are full again. 

One of my resolutions for 2018 was to be a little bit more organized and efficient with my time. I dislike the idea of spending part of my sending folding clothes. But, the task needs to be done whether I like it or not. So, after trying different things, here are some tricks/tips that I am currently using to be more organized with the laundry.

Tips to Help me Deal with the Laundry

1. A laundry basket or hamper in each bedroom. This has been a good financial investment - although it may not work for some people, it works well in our house. Of course, my kids forget sometimes to empty their hampers. But, the important issue for me is that all the laundry is in a hamper - so, all I need to do is to empty the hampers when they don't do it.

2. Do the laundry 2-3 per week. This is essential! The weeks that I don't do at least one laundry load in the middle of the week, I am in big trouble.  

3. Use the "delay end time" function of the washer.  With this function, I can control the time when clothes would be ready to be transferred to the dryer. 

4. Set an alarm (with my iPhone) to tell me when the washer cycle is done. Our washer and dryer are in the basement, so even though both machines have a sound alarm when cycles are completed, we often don't hear them. But, if I use my phone's alarm, then I can easily hear the ring!

5. Wash less by forcing my son to re-use pants, tennis clothes and pajamas. Other members of the house understand that clothes don't always need to be washed after used only once. But, my 8-year son still needs to work on this.  

6. Fold laundry near bedrooms. Let's face it, most of what I wash every week are clothes, towels, and bed linen. Most of these items usually need to go back to bedrooms, so by folding clothes near bedrooms, I tend to place them right away in drawers and closets.

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