Elijah's Creativity

This page is dedicated to my son, Elijah. He is an amazing young boy who has been blessed with many talents. Elijah loves to play tennis, play video games, make his own videos on a variety of subjects, and he loves to write stories. 

I will be posting on this page some of his creative work and great achievements.

In this short video, Elijah is battling Miles. This is one of the many videos created by Elijah Opps while playing Little Alchemist.

Elijah Teaching Tennis

Elijah was recently asked to prepare a "teach-one-thing" project for his English class. 

As soon as he knew about the project, it was clear to him that his project would be about teaching tennis. With a little bit of technical help from his dad, Elijah prepared the following video. Let me be clear, his father showed him how to use the video and how to incorporate the songs, all the words/lesson is Elijah's own work. Enjoy it!

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