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Trusting Yourself to Make Decisions Instead of Always Seeking Advice

“To thine own self be true.” ~William Shakespeare

No one knows the real you but you. Sometimes it is true that we don’t know ourselves. That’s because we have lost ourselves, or maybe because we never knew ourselves to begin with.

I grew up a long time ago on a hill on Bentley road in Puyallup, Washington. I was a very quiet, shy, and reserved little girl. Today, I am a forty-two-year-old woman. I am still introverted, but I am learning to be more assertive.

Growing up I received a lot of conflicting and negative messages from my family, such as you are loved but you are flawed. I was hungry for the approval of others.

Click here to read the rest of this inspiring post by Esther Bautista.

Avoid These 5 Traps that Can Destroy Your Good Habits

When we’re trying to master our habits, it’s important to be aware of the justifications or arguments that we sometimes invoke that interfere with keeping a good habit.
They slip in so easily and quickly, it can be hard to spot them. Be on the look-out for these five popular lines of thoughts -- click here to read this post from The Happiness Project.

Thoughts Can Change Your Life – An Interview With Louise Hay And Cheryl Richardson

  • How to start your exceptional day
  • Make the mirror your ally
  • Guiding your dreams toward the positive

How often do you look in the mirror and notice something wrong instead of something right? From an early age, we are taught to see our own flaws and the flaws in our lives much more readily than the beauty. We internalize the criticism we may have received as a child and then criticize ourselves as we get older. But Louise Hay has taught us that we can change this kind of negative thinking and when we do, miracles can happen in our lives and our health. I had the privilege of interviewing bestselling author, publisher, speaker, and gifted teacher, Louise Hay as well as her dear friend, fellow bestselling author and life coach, Cheryl Richardson. They have just co-written a book called, You Can Lead An Exceptional Life, and I was honored to read it before it hit the shelves. Join us for this great conversation and take home the tips these tremendous women offer to turn your thinking and your life around

CLICK HERE to read this interview published in Women to Women.

The Truth About Why We Stay Sad (Even If We Hide It)

Happiness has never been a simple matter. What makes us happy as children is much simpler than what makes us happy as adults—and grown-up happiness tends to be bittersweet. You may find someone you deeply love, yet there are always compromises in the relationship, along with arguments, disappointments and tough obstacles for both people. In polls, around 80 percent of Americans say that they are happy; but no one has ever discovered what exactly makes someone happy. My idea of happiness might make you miserable, and vice versa.  Click here to read this post from

Those Witheringly Cruel Voices in Your Head: How to Silence Them for Good

Picture taken from

If you've ever had a noisy neighbour, an oafish boss or a whiny roommate, you know that of all possible irritants, humans are the worst. Learning to deal effectively with the most grating members of our species should be at the top of every citizen's priority list.

To that end, this article from Oprah's website offers some tried and true methods for handling them without resorting to murder. Click here to read the article.

What to Do When You have Reached your Breaking Point? -- Deepak Chopra

What does it mean when you find yourself saying—or thinking—"I can't take this anymore." We've all been there, yet these words don't mean the same thing to everyone. People reach their breaking point in different ways, according to their personalities. A person who balks under pressure may just stop responding entirely. Another person simmers, and then suddenly explodes. Everything depends on how you relate to stress, because reaching the breaking point happens when your ability to cope with stress breaks down.

Click here to read the rest of this Deepak Chopra's article.

6 Powerful Questions for a Life Review

It's the middle of July, so we are past the middle of the year 2014. Of course, the year is not over, but a good part of the year is now in the past. Thus, it is a good moment to take the time to reflect about the year, and the positive changes that we have made so far in our lives. Or, even better, it is perhaps the time to ask ourselves whether or not we have made any changes to make our lives better this year? Click here to read this post.

10 Habits of Unhappy People and Ways to Fix Them

  "I’d look at other people and wonder what they had that I didn’t. I was sick of living my life. And being sick of it was the tipping point that changed it all. It’s what got me moving in the direction of what made my heart sing....As I moved forward, I discovered that what was making me miserable wasn’t outside of me, but the habits I had built up over the years". Click here to read this post.

Who's leading the dance of your life?

Well, I have been receiving weekly newsletters from Cheryl Richardson throughout the whole year, but had never had the time to read them. So, I recently decided that this summer, I will make the time to read her letters. 

Today, I was reading one of her letters entitled "Who's leading the dance of your life"? Of course, the title of the letter ready attracted my attention. The main purpose of the letter is basically to force us to examine the relationship between our personality and our soul.  Who is serving who? According to Cheryl's letter, our personality should serve our soul.  But, how do we know that our personality is serving our soul?  Click here to read this post.

How to Create a Happy Future by Accepting the Present

 To create a happy future it is essential to accept the present. Life is a wild, adventurous ride, and that is exactly what makes it so beautiful and intense.  Some days are filled with beauty and joy while others, dreams don't come true; the balance of life! Click here to read this post.

Work-life Balance: My Personal Experience

I think that each person (woman or man) has his/her own reasons to avoid or pursue leadership positions.  In my case, I have consciously avoided to apply for leadership positions during the last five years.  Perhaps, one day I will regret this, but for the moment, I think that I am doing the right thing.  Two reasons have dictated my decision: motherhood and personal life. Click here to read this post.

13 Things To Do (I'm going to) This Summer

I love inspiring and fun posts. You know, those kind of posts that make you feel that it's possible to find a balance between life and work. Posts that make you dream a little bit. Here is one that really enjoyed reading today. The post was written by Bren Herrera.

"I live under pressure. Constantly. Between traveling, cooking for private clients and consulting as a chef, which is my professional career and blogging about living a the best life possible ... I have realized I seldom have time for myself. More like make time for myself and the things I absolutely love to do...These are the top 13 things I'm committed to doing this glorious summer at any expense necessary. I'm sure I'll document any or all of these as they happen..."  
Click here to read the post.

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Marina Silva-Opps said...

I am starting a series of posts about the meaning and importance of having a balanced life. In this first post, I would like to start by trying to define "balanced life". The reason that I am doing this is because although we all tend to say very often that we want or wish a balanced life, very few among us really know what we mean by “balanced life”. I think that all that we usually know is that when life is busy, we really experience serious difficulties in important areas of our lives. We also know that “balanced life” means different things for different people. What does it mean for you?

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